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1150 Carlisle St. Suite 10 | Hanover, PA 17331 | Ph: 717-632-5896  Fx: 717-632-9605

XRC and General Freight Services in Hanover, PA

Parcel Plus Helps With Transporting Palletized Commodities On a Truck

Find XRC and general freight services in Hanover, PA with Parcel Plus. We work with companies to transport local, long-haul, small or large commodities on a truck. Call (717) 632-5896 to find out more about this and other services like:

Understand How the General Freight Delivery Industry Works

The general freight delivery industry’s versatility consists of single-unit trucks that travel along urban roads for domestic deliveries. Combination trucks travel on expressways and national highways hauling palletized commodities by van trailer or container. General freight transported goods can be full, single-load, long-distance, and local. Many times, drivers deliver general freight using a full dry-van trailer, or an intermodal container. Freights shipped by trucks include clothing, produce, paper products, building materials, vehicles, and hazardous chemicals.

We Anticipate the Increased Demand for General Freight to Grow

An increase in disposable income and consumer spending have impacted the demand for general freight delivery. We anticipate this demand to continue growing, as manufacturing activity and retail spending continue to increase. As trade volumes also continue increasing shipments, more general freight companies will need to transport goods across the country.

Mailing and Shipping in Hanover, PA, Plus Nation- and Worldwide

In addition to utilizing general freight for commodity deliveries, Parcel Plus ships items nationwide via USPS, UPS, and FedEx. We also provide international shipping, packing and mailing services with DHL. Contact us or stop by Suite 10 on Carlisle Street in Hanover, PA, Monday through Saturday. We open at 9 a.m. during the week and at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Our team is proud to serve the following locations:

Carlisle, PA | Columbia, PA | Elizabethtown, PA | Hanover, PA | Waynesboro, PA | York, PA | And Surrounding Areas

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