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1150 Carlisle St. Suite 10 | Hanover, PA 17331 | Ph: 717-632-5896  Fx: 717-632-9605

Preparing Individual Income Taxes in Hanover, PA

Our Staff Provides State and Federal Tax Prep and Consulting Services

For help preparing individual income taxes in Hanover, PA, contact Parcel Plus. Our knowledgeable staff provides state and federal tax preparation and consulting services. We welcome you to bring in your paperwork and drop it off. Feel free to contact us at (717) 632-5896 to make an appointment as well.

Parcel Plus Offers Thorough and Satisfactory Individual Tax Preparations

When we prepare individual income taxes, we do a thorough and satisfactory job. Our clients often receive the maximum tax credits for which they are allotted to their federal or state returns. Federal credits generally fall into five categories:

Education credits

Family and dependent credits 

Healthcare credits 

Homeowner credits 

Income and savings credits 

Pennsylvania residents’ benefit from various credits including the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Urban PA tax filers involved with organizations and charitable food programs can receive this credit. Keystone State residents who receive income in-state and out-of-state get the Resident Credit. This credit applies the tax paid to the other state against the taxes paid to PA.

Check Your Withholdings, Collect Info, and File Your Taxes Early

When preparing for tax season, we encourage customers to check their withholdings on their W4s to avoid unexpected tax bills. We especially encourage this if customers changed jobs, got married or divorced, or went back to school. Such life changes can affect their end-of-the-year tax liabilities and refunds. As each W2, 1099, and other tax document arrives, we suggest collecting them in a file for the tax year. Double-check all social security numbers needed to complete the forms before your appointment. Finally, we recommend filing long before the scheduled deadline to avoid a last-minute rush and receive a faster refund.

We Also Do Business Income Taxes and Provide Other Services to the Area

In addition to individual income taxes, Parcel Plus prepares business tax returns. Our specialty is mailing, shipping, and packaging, via USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL including international shipping. We also assist with general freight shipping and offer services like faxing and copying plus notarizing. With our office in Hanover, PA, we also serve the following locations:

Carlisle, PA | Columbia, PA | Elizabethtown, PA | Hanover, PA | Waynesboro, PA | York, PA | And Surrounding Areas

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