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1150 Carlisle St. Suite 10 | Hanover, PA 17331 | Ph: 717-632-5896  Fx: 717-632-9605

Shipping and Packaging in Hanover, PA

We Package What You Want to Ship Domestically and Internationally

Get help with shipping and packaging in Hanover, PA, at Parcel Plus. We can do the packing for you before shipping domestically through FedEx and UPS and internationally via DHL. You can also send through the United State Postal Service. Call (717) 632-5896 for more information.

Consider Some Things About Packaging and What to Know About Shipping

At Parcel Plus, we understand the intricacies of mailing and packaging. Screws can loosen, jars can open, and components can unplug, if the object is not packaged properly. We also know shipping restrictions and requirements for the USPS, plus UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Before bringing us something to package and ship, there are some things to consider about packing and know about shipping:

Packaging Considerations

For safe and secure packaging, items need to tolerate several scenarios, including temperature fluctuations and modes of transport. Humidity may cause condensation during environmental changes and weaken boxes as they absorb moisture. To prevent them from dropping, packages need cushioning to withstand pressure. Packages need to endure vibrations as they are transported on aircrafts, trucks, and conveyor belts.

Understand Shipping Rules and Regulations

At Parcel Plus, we ship domestically with FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We also use DHL for international shipping. Our staff knows a lot about the do’s and don’t’s of each company. For example, FedEx will not ship flammable liquids (i.e. alcohol, acetone, cosmetics, fuel, paint, varnish, etc.) UPS will not ship marijuana, or vape products within, to, or from the U.S. Priority Mail Express® is the fastest and most accurate shipping option available with USPS. DHL shipments cannot make it through customs without accurate and completed paperwork.

Parcel Plus Offers Our Customers More Than Shipping and Packaging

Since 1991, Parcel Plus has offered customers shipping and packaging services, plus much more. We are a U.S. Postal Service Contract Station and even provide consultation services for taxes. Stop by or contact us if you need help with

We Provide Services to People from Hanover, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Businesses and individuals alike benefit from the services we provide at Parcel Plus. Whether you need help with taxes, want to send something overseas, or have a question about domestic shipping, contact us. Conveniently located in Hanover, PA, we easily and eagerly serve customers from:

Carlisle, PA | Columbia, PA | Elizabethtown, PA | Hanover, PA | Waynesboro, PA | York, PA | And Surrounding Areas

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