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1150 Carlisle St. Suite 10 | Hanover, PA 17331 | Ph: 717-632-5896  Fx: 717-632-9605

Business Tax Consultation and Prep in Hanover, PA

Parcel Plus Helps with Farm, Rental Property, and Related Tax Returns

Receive reliable business tax consultation and prep in Hanover, PA, with Parcel Plus. Our staff helps customers understand and prepare their farm, rental property, and related tax returns. Contact us at (717) 632-5896 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Businesses Must File Annual Tax Returns Except for Partnerships

Business tax obligations vary, based on one of four structures: sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or limited liability companies (LLCs.) Except for partnerships, the Internal Revenue Service mandates all businesses file annual income tax returns. The IRS requires partnerships file an information return. This document breaks down the income, deductions, gains, losses, and related details from the business’ operations.

The IRS Requires Each Business Structure to Pay Different Tax Obligations

Sole proprietors and people who work for themselves pay self-employment tax. The IRS requires sole them to file a Schedule SE if their net earnings were $400 or more. If a company has paid employees, it must pay employee taxes. Some product-based businesses also pay excise taxes. The IRS classifies LLCs depending on how many members it has, and the number of elections made by the LLC. These classifications are known as corporation, partnership, or part of the LLC owner’s individual tax return. Usually, all businesses pay taxes by making quarterly payments of estimated taxes, including the self-employment tax.

We Also Prep Individual Taxes Plus Do Shipping, Copying, and Notarizing

At Parcel Plus, we help with more than business taxes. We also consult on and prepare individual tax returns. Beyond taxes, we specialize in mailing services, packing and shipping via USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL and general freight. Furthermore, we do copying and faxing as well as offer notary services.

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